Check out our ongoing projects, we have projects within the leisure boat, work boat and fast ferry segments:

Ripple Boats

In 2023 we joined forces with Frydenbø Marine to launch Ripple Boats. The brand will design and build the next-generation of long-range electric boats for the recreational market, incorporating the Pascal innovative air cushion technology that extends range without compromising safety or usability!

Aluminum concept boat

In collaboration with Nimbus Group AB and Evoy AS we are developing a concept boat based on Pascal’s AirHull technology equipped with Evoy’s electric outboard motor. The concept boat will be made under Nimbus Group’s Alukin brand.

12m Personnel transport boat for aquaculture

In collaboration with Moen Marine, we are now developing electric personnel transport boats for the aquaculture market both in Norway and internationally. Explore the project here!

8m Prototype

In 2022 we designed and built an 8m fully electric boat with Pascal AirHull technology, read more about the project here!

Fremtidens Hurtigbåt project

Read more about our design of a zero emission fast ferry!