Nimbus aluminum concept boat

Together with Nimbus, we are developing Alukin OceanAir 8, a concept boat constructed in aluminium under Nimbus Group’s Alukin brand. Alukin boats are made of recyclable fully welded aluminum which further contributes to reducing environmental impact. The boat will be based on Pascal’s AirHull technology and equipped with an electric outboard motor developed by Evoy.

“The transition away from fossil fuels will require both new propulsion technology and new types of hull design. Through the partnership with Pascal Technologies and Evoy, we want to test technologies that could contribute to reducing energy consumption, thus facilitating the introduction of more sustainable boating. The operating range of the electric drivelines currently used in today’s boats is often too short to be a viable commercial alternative to fossil-fuel drivelines. A combination of an electric drive and new hull technologies, could however offer a significantly more attractive alternative”

– Mats Jacobsson, Chief Technology Officer for Nimbus Group.

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Daniel Nordås, Project Manager