About us

Our mission is to enable the green revolution on water. Pascal Technologies was founded on the principle that simple innovative solutions can dramatically bring down energy consumption, which is the first step to accelerate the transition to zero emission. We also want to demonstrate to the world that sustainable solutions can be better, quicker, safer and with higher comfort.

Company History

Pascal’s core AirHull-technology is the result of 15+ years of research and development. The technology is verified by multiple full-scale demonstrator vessels. We are constantly working to push the performance of our technology. Our aim is to be a partner for boat builders worldwide and develop energy efficient boats across several segments.

Workboat built at Tuco Marine
Electric passenger vessel, “BB Green”


Pascal is a fast-growing company and we are always looking for talented people! We are based in Oslo, Norway, where we have our main office. Please reach out if you are interested to hear more about us and our plans.

Company information

Pascal Technologies AS. Org number: 984262612.

Visiting address: Karenslyst Allé 2, 0278 Oslo, Norway.

For general inquiries: hello@pascaltech.com