Application areas

The Pascal AirHull can be designed with different topsides depending on the intended area of use. We have readily made concepts for leisure boats, water taxis, work boats and ferries. We have produced three full scale boats with our AirHull technology, a leisure boat, a passenger ferry and a workboat.


All vessels are designed 100% electric. The AirHull architecture has a large technical lower deck for batteries without compromising main deck space.

Choose your desired topside

The AirHull is flexible to work with different topsides, and can therefore be applied to for example leisure boats, water taxis, work boats and passenger ferries. Our systems integrate well with different sizes and uses. Contact us for more specifics according to your needs.

Leisure boats

High speed with zero emission, monitor the vessels performance through the cloud.

Water taxis

Low draft and minimal wakes, perfect for urban areas.


Suitable for diving boats, fishing boats, rescue vessels, etc.

Fast ferries

Advantages include low draft, minimal wakes and superfast charging capabilities. Works well with both inland and coastal ferries.

Our existing vessels

Fully electric 8 meter prototype


Electric passenger ferry “BB Green”

Key advantages


A major challenge for electric boats has been to achieve sufficient range. Pascal AirHull enables long range while maintaining high speed.


Wake wash from vessels may cause problems in urban areas. A key feature of our technology is low wave production, making the vessels perfect for urban routes.

Please feel free to contact us about anything. We will get back to you shortly!