8m fully electric prototype

In 2022, Pascal reached a big milestone. With funding from Innovation Norway, we have designed and built an 8 meter fully electric prototype powered by our AirHull technology. The prototype has superior energy efficiency compared to traditional v-hulls, and will pave the way for cleaner and more efficient boats.

Increasing the range for electric boats

One of the biggest headaches for electric boats has been range. Our prototype increases the range in cruise speed compared to conventional electric boats.

Prototype testing in the Oslofjord December 2022

8 m leisure prototype


  • Length: 8 m
  • Beam: 2,6 m
  • Battery capacity: ~120 kWh
  • Cruise speed: 20 knots
  • Range in cruise speed: 40+ NM at planing speeds
  • Top speed: more than 30 knots
  • Capacity: 6 people

Interested in finding out more about the technology?

The vessel’s ride control system allows you to monitor the performance through the dashboard and through our digital platform.

The vessel rides on a cushion of air


During 2022 we designed and built the prototype, perfecting it to achieve maximum energy efficiency. We have managed the whole process from design, production, to system integration and implementation.

We are extremely proud to successfully launch this prototype. This has been a dream project for us to be able to prove how our advanced technology can achieve superior energy efficiency. We believe this is the future of electric boating!

Carl Rehn, CEO

The project is backed by Innovation Norway. A big thanks to them for making this project possible!

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Per Sodeland, CTO & Project Manager